Q. According to the KZN Jamiat, hand sanitizers and disinfectants which contain ethanol/ethyl alcohol are permissible because this alcohol is not prohibited in the Shariah. Is this correct?

A. The KZN Jamiat muftis are moron, bootlickers of the western kuffaar, hence they issue such baatil and stupid fatwas. All forms of alcohol are haraam. Like their counterpart devils of Daarush Shataan, they have ruined Salaat, and are in the process of demolishing Salaat which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said is the Central Pillar of Islam.
Q. If hand sanitizers containing alcohol are used, will it be permissible to perform Salaat? The Jamizt KZN mufti says that it is permissible.

A. The maajin mufti speaks rubbish. The hands should be thoroughly washed to remove the najaasat – the najis alcohol. It is not permissible to perform Salaat with the najaasat on the hands.
Q. Is it permissible to discourage or prohibit the elderly from attending the Musjid? The Jamiat’s mufti says that the elderly should not come to the Musjid. Is this correct?

A. The advice of the Jamiat KZN is haraam. The old and the young should be encouraged to attend the Musjid. It is the Sunnah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to rush to the Musjid whenever he discerned some calamity such as stormy weather and the like. Now is the time for Muslims to observe Jamaat Salaat with greater diligence. Inordinate fear for the China pig virus has constrained these molvis to disrespect and to shun the aged. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that those who do not revere the aged are not from among us. In other words, they are not Muslims.
Q. The Jamiat KZN’s mufti says that ‘infected’ persons should not come to the Musjid for Salaat. Does the Shariah prohibit such people from attending the Musjid?

A. The Jamiat KZN’s mufti maajin as well as all the other spineless scoundrel, munaafiq, crook ‘muftis’ who fear their shadows more than fear for Allah Ta’ala, have been driven to insanity by the pig virus in their brains. Thus, they excrete the effluvium of bunkum, baatil fatwas to mislead the ignorant ones.
Q. While the government is allowing 100 musallis to assemble in the Musjid, the Jamiat KZN has reduced this number to 50. Please comment

A. This reduction by the moron, munaafiq molvis speaks volumes for their inordinate fear acquired from the bogey. It testifies to the total lack of tawakkul on Allah Ta’ala. It is evidence for the treason against Islam committed by these crank molvis and maajin muftis. They are a bunch of miserable shayateenul ins. They should don women’s garments and hide within their homes in the hope of the pig virus not apprehending them.
Q. The Mufti of KZN Jamiat says that Iznul Aaam (general permission) is not necessary when performing Jumuah Salaat in multiple places.

A. The mufti speaks drivel. He is plain stupid. Iznul Aaam (free and unfettered permission for all Muslims to attend) is an imperative requisite for the validity of Jumuah Salaat. The China Pig Disease does not waive this condition. If the government enforces its oppressive and unjust 100 man limit, it will be a valid excuse for restriction of the number to 100. But where it is absolutely haraam to abrogate the Iznul Haraam condition if the number is less than 100.
The jaahil molvis of the Jamiat KZN have sucked the kufr number of 50 from their vile nafs in a most despicable bootlicking exercise.

28 Rajab 1441 – 23 March 2020




The government has decreed the prohibition of gatherings exceeding 100 persons.  Without the application of their minds, the governmental authors of this decree have acted irrationally. The irrationalism is the effect of panic and failure to understand the reality of the development of the disease which has been baselessly proclaimed a ‘pandemic’. If this disease is indeed a ‘pandemic’ despite the fact that not a single death has hitherto been recorded in the country, then what appellation should be given to the MURDER EPIDEMIC of 60 killings daily in South Africa?

What measures are the government instituting to combat this ruthless epidemic? Has the president called a Council of War to declare war against the Murder-epidemic and the other deluges of crime which assign the China Pig Disease into the realm of oblivion? For the edification of the government we present the list of epidemics in which the country is burning. It is a vast uncontrollable conflagration of which the government is oblivious. And its obliviousness is intensified by the deflection created by the mirage of the China Pig Disease. The attention from the real epidemics has been totally deflected.

While thousands are murdered annually in South Africa, the government reacts paranoically and acquits itself as if the country is being attacked by an enemy state. It gives the impression that the country is in a state of war. The entire pantomime saga is full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

It is necessary for the government to understand that we cannot and will not act as policemen to ensure compliance with the haraam decree of 100 persons.

We are in no position to enforce this decree. We lack the coercive power for its implementation and even if we did, our religion prohibits this injustice. Our Jumuah (Friday) prayers will not be valid if any Muslim is debarred from participation. If the government has in mind embarkation on oppression in this regard, then it should post guards/police outside the Mosques and count the Musallis. It will be left to these atheist guards to prevent the 101st musalli from entry.

It is not our job to enforce the oppression by preventing Muslims from entering the Musaajid. The government will have to do this dirty act of oppression.

We are Muslims. We are not hypocrites (munaafiqs) such as the MJC shayaateen, the Quds Temple kuffaar, and the  scoundrel trustees of the Johannesburg Mayfair  Musjid. Nor are we of the likes of the Grave Worshippers who have closed their Musjid in Pietermaritzburg. We have no right over the movement of Muslims. They are free to come to the Musaajid. Only oppressors believe that they have such a right – the right to prevent worshippers from entering the Musaajid to pray to The Creator.

We urge Mr. President and his Cabinet to apply their minds to understand the irrationality of the 100 limit decree. Thousands are allowed to gather in factories for work. Thousands gather in municipal markets and in the malls, and at taxi ranks. Yet the government most illogically permits such gatherings whilst banning the once a week prayer gatherings at Mosques which are venues where cleanliness is the hallmark. But gatherings of thousands are allowed at other venues where dirt and filth predominate, and where in terms of satanic  theory the environment is more conducive for the flourishing of  ‘contagious’ diseases.

Those ‘muslims’ who are spinelessly truckling at obsequiously lapping up just  any and all the bunkum advertised regarding the China Pig Disease should understand that they are Munaafiqeen destined for Dark-e-Asfal Fin Naar (the lowest level in Hell-Fire).







Sexual offences discovered as result of police action

6 701

7 976


Commercial crime

73 277

83 823



3 869

4 083


Sexual Offences

50 108

52 420


Attempted murder

18 233

18 980


Common assault

156 243

162 012



20 336

21 022



28 849

29 672


Assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm

167 352

170 979


Common robbery

50 730

51 765


Malicious injury to property

111 492

113 089


Robbery with aggravating circumstances

138 364

140 032


Robbery at residential premises

22 261

22 431


Burglary at non-residential premises

71 195

71 224


Robbery at non-residential premises

20 047

19 991


All theft not mentioned elsewhere

302 656

300 457


Truck hijacking

1 202

1 182



16 325

16 026


Theft out of or from motor vehicle

129 174

125 076


Burglary at residential premises

228 094

220 865



62 180

60 167


Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

86 160

82 912


Theft of motor vehicle and motorcycle

50 663

48 324


Illegal possession of firearms and ammunition

17 558

15 736


Robbery of cash in transit




Drug-related crime

323 547

232 657


Bank robbery





22 Rajab 1441 – 17 March 2020