The government’s reaction to the phantom of the China Pig Disease is indeed the effect of paranoia created by the vested interests of the U.S.A. A massive conspiracy is underway. Insha-Allah, the conspiracy shall be discussed in a future article.

Firstly, the ‘pandemic’ declaration is a lot of hogwash. It is a red herring creation of the U.S. colonial power. This disease has not reached epidemic proportions as is deceptively claimed. The following chart debunks the satanic myth:


Corons virus 2,360
Common cold 69,602
Malaria 140,584
Suicide 153,696
Road accidents 193,479
HIV (Zina disease) 240,950
Alcohol 358,471
Smoking 716,498
Cancer 1,177,141
Relative to the massive amounts of deaths due to other causes and diseases, the death toll due to the China Pig Disease is negligible or even non-existent.

The president reported that hitherto there are 61 corona disease cases, not 61 deaths. In the entire population of the country 61 cases have been found. But the president has been silent, not even batting an eyelid at the number of deaths due to the MURDER epidemic in South Africa. While 61 corona-affected persons have been discovered in South Africa, in the year 2018 20,336 people were murdered in the country. In 2019, 21,022 were murdered.

Now what has attained epidemic proportions – the 61 cases who are still alive, or the tens of thousands already murdered at the rate of more than 20,000 per year. In South Africa approximately 60 people are murdered daily, and there are 50 attempted murders daily.

What measures and what Command Committee has the president organized to eliminate this disastrous murder epidemic in front of which the Pig disease victims pale into oblivion? These issues shall be more elaborated in future discussions, Insha-Allah. For the present we have to deal with the unjust imposition of curbing religious gatherings to a mere 100 persons.

While we are now not allowed to have more than a 100 worshippers in a Musjid, the government permits thousands to be in factories, malls, municipal markets, etc. Then what about the millions living in squatter camps, shack-dwellings and slum areas in unhygienic conditions?

If crowds far in excess of 100 are allowed for non-religious purposes, then why can the same standard not be applied to the Mosques? Why can we not have more than a 100 worshippers? Our standard of hygiene is the highest in the world. Besides repeated washings for various purposes, Muslims are required to incumbently perform ablutions a minimum of five times daily for performing ritual prayers (Salaat). Clearly, there is Satanism at play.
1) It is haraam to close the Musaajid as the Qabar Pujaaris (Grave Worshippers) in Pietermaritzburg, and the zindeeqs of Quds Temple in Cape Town have committed.

2) It is haraam to advise old people to perform Salaat at home and to indirectly apply pressure on them to abstain from the Musjid.

3) It is haraam to prevent musallis from coming to the Musjid for Jumuah.

Since the government has introduced this unjust measure, it should enforce it. Muslims should not be a party to enforce this haraam measure. The doors of the Musaajid should always remain open. If the government wishes, it may post guards or police outside the Musaajid and count the entry of the musallis. The atheist guards of the government can then prevent the 101st musalli from entering the Musjid. We as Muslims may not commit this haraam act.

If the government enforces this unjust measure, several Jumuah Salaat should be performed by the musallis. In the same Musjid two or three Jumuah Salaat may be conducted, but with different Imaams. The Salaat should commence immediately after Jumuah. Thereafter another Jumuah should be performed in the same Musjid.

Due to the large number of musallis, several Jumuah Salaat in the same Musjid will not be feasible due to time and the occupations of the people. In such cases, Jumuah should be performed at other venues as well – in Jamaat Khaanahs, open spaces, at the Eidgah, and wherever space is available. But Jumuah may not be abandoned.

In the final analysis, the fate befalling the Musaajid is the consequence of the evil misdeeds, sins and transgression of the Muslim community. Muslims have lost respect for the Musaajid, and have failed to fulfil the Huqooq of the Musaajid. The Musaajid have been cursing the community. Hence what is happening, is the consequences of our own shaitaaniyat.

21 Rajab 1441 – 16 March 2020


Q. A women‟s organization is propagating with Hadith the permissibility of women attending the Musjid. Is there any validity in their arguments based on Hadith.
A. We have published six books on the prohibition of women attending the Musjid. This fitnah is set to increase just as all other fitan as we approach Qiyaamah. The problem is that the molvis themselves are allowing this women‟s fitnah to gain momentum.
They lure the women into the public domain to listen to their lectures. The women therefore become more audacious regarding Salaat. If they can come to the Musjid to listen to talks, then why can‟t they come for Salaat. This is their baseless argument based on the haraam actions of the molvis.
Our booklets answer all the stupid and baseless arguments of the legalizers of this prohibition. The Tabligh Jamaat too is guilty of having made women audacious. If they can roam around for so-called tabligh, why can‟t they attend the Musjid for Salaat? This is another shaitaani baseless argument which stems from the haraam act of the Tabligh Jamaat. The crank „sufi‟ sheikhs are also guilty of having ruined the morals of women. They invite women to thikr sessions and for their bayaans. Thus, the women argue that to a greater degree should it be permissible for them to attend the Musjid. In brief, those who are supposed to be the people of the Deen are subverting the Deen. They have opened many avenues of haraam with their shaitaani „hikmat‟.