Does Islam allow wife-beating?? A response to Anti-Islamists

via Does Islam allow wife-beating?? A response to Anti-Islamists


Q. A Maulana says that if the wife earns an income by working outside the house, then the husband should employ a maid to do the housework.
He also says that it is not the duty of the wife to feed her own child or to nurse it nor is it her obligation to clean the house or to cook the food. It is the husband’s duty to provide food for the older children and to hire a wet-nurse to breastfeed the baby. If the wife engages in these acts, she will be bestowing a favour to the husband.
Is this what the Shariah teaches? Is this the Sunnah?
A. This ‘maulana’ is a moron. Only a moron disgorges such monstrosities
In terms of this crooked convoluted concept the objective of marriage and the function of the wife are nothing but carnal gratification.
If it is not her obligation to breast-feed even her own baby, for what purpose has Allah Ta’ala bestowed the ni’mat of mother’s milk? Must she feed the cats with her milk? It is haraam for her to work and earn outside the home. She will not be entitled to maintenance if she is outside the house. It is her duty to see to all affairs of the home. Yes, it is also the obligation of the husband to provide a maid to assist her. It is not the duty of the husband who works and slogs all day long to cook the food and feed the children while the wife wiles her life away in stupidities, indolence, sleeping and consorting with the devil. All these miserable acts feature in the conception fabricated by the moron molvi.